Über Goodies: Rihanna and Chris Brown Surprise Musical Reunion

Today is the Bajan queen's 24th birthday and in honor of her birthday she has given both us AND Chris Brown a slice of her "Birthday Cake"! On her last album Talk That Talk, Rihanna featured a track entitled "Birthday Cake" which only played for a minute and eighteen seconds. However, within those few moments of the track playing many fell in love with the unfinished track! Well after rumors of a Chris Brown and Rihanna reunion colabo, she dropped a huge surprise for everyone! Her and Chris Brown has collaborated on the finished version of "Birthday Cake" AS WELL AS his own track "Turn Up The Music" (remix)! Check out the two songs below!!!


Über Breaking News: Legendary Singer Whitney Houston Passes Away at 48

One of the biggest megastars within the music industry has passed away. Paramedics were called and resuscitation attempts were made, unfortunately at approximately 3:55 pm PST Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. We're keeping both her family and friends in our prayers, our hearts truly goes out to them.


Über Exclusives: June Ambrose Styles the Beautiful Shanna Moakler

Today celebrity stylist June Ambrose took us back to her Juniverse as she styled Shanna Moakler for her NY Launch party of her new cosmetic line, Smoak (named after herself).
Check out the exclusive behind the scene details below!!!

Über Breaking News: The Carters Release the First Pics of Blue Ivy

In what seemed as a long anticipated wait Beyonce and Jay Z finally reveal their princess Blue Ivy Carter! Like the announcement of her pregnancy they did not take the usual celebrity way of selling there story to the press but took a more "down to earth" way of revealing Blue. They made a Tumblr page dedicated specifically for Blue Ivy! Without saying it they are making it clear they do not want to profit off of their little one! This is rare for a popular celebrity couple but as classy as Beyonce is we're not surprised in her choice of announcements! Check out more pictures of the beautiful blessing below!


Über Exclusives: Überchic Gets Fli with Fli Pelican

So you already know Uberchic like's to give you the exclusive details on fashion and entertainment!! Well we want to give you our interview with the creator himself of Fli Pelican, Nino Corleone!

Fli Pelican began in the year 2007 in Atlanta, GA. Nino Corleone didn't always work within the fashion industry in fact he originally worked within an artist management team as both a producer and engineer. He describes praying for his future and what direction to go and was inspired to start his own clothing line. He chose to name the brand Fli Pelican because it was to symbolize a deeper meaning then the title itself! Fli is an acronym meaning: "Find Love Inside" and pelican is a symbol for selflessness. He wants the brand to encourage positive energy and to help individuals become comfortable within there own skin.

Check out our exclusive interview with him below to learn more about the label!


Über Throwback Wednesday: I Love You- Faith Evans

Definitely one of my favorite songs from Faith.. This video is perfect for the season. Enjoy!


Über Talk: Forbes List Top 10 Earning Women in Music

Take a look at the top ladies in the game, that 'make it rain' on everyone in this music industry. The Forbes List Top Ten Earning Women In Music 2011 may or may not surprise you. These women have earned the highest spots on the list for the year. . Money ain't a thang.


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